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Established in 2011, Renaissance Power supplies electricity to residential and business customers in New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. We strive to provide cleaner energy from renewable sources along with reducing our carbon footprint. We invest in carbon reduction projects and environmental organizations.

We are getting ready to build state of the art Solar Farms and Urban Waste Plants to supply customers with renewable energy directly from the source, cutting out all middlemen to give our customers the lowest rate on a 100% renewable energy.

We are registered as an approved Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the New York State Department of Public Service, Public Service Commission of D.C., Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and Massachusetts Public Service Commission. For more information about the New York ESCO program, click here, for more information about electric choice in Washington, D.C., click here, and for more information about choosing an electric supplier in Ohio, click here.

Meet the Team

Maureen Bird

Maureen has over forty years of experience in business including the founding of her own successful company. In University she studied accounting and biology. She has been with RP&G since 2012. A family woman: Maureen has two sons, two grandsons and a yellow Labrador. She enjoys hiking, camping and reading. She actively recycles, promotes water and power conservation.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook has over thirty years of experience as a manager and administrator in several industries. He is formally trained as an electrical engineer and a business consultant, and has worked in the entire spectrum from fortune 500 Companies to entrepreneurial start-up companies.

His experience includes working as a facilities engineer for General Motors designing electrical and energy recovery systems, and managing engineering development for Inn Technology, tripling productivity under his watch. On the business side he has taken the helm of several companies from a Radio Station to a CPA’s office, taking each from insolvency to solvency by putting in organization and cutting unnecessary expenses.

Lance Gerald Rabina

Lance studied Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has over 6 years of experience as a customer service and sales specialist. He also was an author consultant in one of the biggest self-publishing companies in the US. He is tech-savvy and a music lover. Lance loves to play the guitar and play video/online games during his spare time.

Chrisiah Mayce Becina

Mayce is a University of the Philippines graduate with over three years of experience as an Executive Assistant. Aside from administrative tasks, she is also skilled in capture forms digitization, research, and data analysis. During her free time, Mayce enjoys baking loaves of bread and pastries, playing with her three dogs, listening to self-development podcasts, and finding ways to contribute to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Joan Ogazi

Joan has been an integral member of the senior staff at Renaissance Power and Gas since 2017. She brought over 25 years of accounting and business experience with her to the company. Her efforts to support the company’s continued success are guided by her strong values and support of Renaissances’ mission. In her free time, Joan enjoys swimming, baking, and playing with her three rescue dogs.  


Franchezka Mari Gonzaga

Chez has more than 8 years of experience in construction and design involving local and overseas projects. Waterfront facilities, cell sites, steel structures, solar power systems, buildings, hotels and base stations are most of them. She also has general management experience leading several teams of engineers, logistics, site, operations, procurement and maintenance officers. She also has business partnerships with IT, telecommunications and construction companies as a key player in increasing market shares. Chez loves cats, traveling, reading and is also a fragrance enthusiast. Her advocacies include sustainable building and responsible waste management.

Kevin Thexton

Kevin has over twenty-five years of experience in business including founding and contributing to successful startups. He has been with Renaissance Power and Gas for over ten years, and has been in the deregulated energy space since 2003. Recycling and cleaning up our planet are very important to him. He and his wife are vegans, and contribute to good causes on a regular basis. 

Lito Lozada

Lito Lozada is a web developer who’s currently part of our Information Technology Department as the I.T. Manager. He just found his new hobby which is filming a stop motion of his collection of building blocks together with his eldest daughter over the weekends. We might see his creation on Youtube or Facebook in the days to come


Alyssa Schlener

Alyssa graduated from UNLV with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She enjoys hiking and being out in nature. Alyssa has a yorkshire terrier and recycles anything she can.


Celeste Kelly

Celeste is a college student minoring in commercialization and business direction, and majoring in management digital business orientation. She works in the company as an Executive Assistant on a part of the social media campaign.
As a vegan she likes discovering new recipes and staying aware of environmental happenings to keep improving the way she gives back to the earth.

Jeanette Labendia

Jeanette is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Finance and has experience in the field of Taxation and Data Analysis. She previously worked as an accounting staff for an Australian company and works here as a corporate assistant. She enjoys singing, cooking, listening to music, and playing online games.

Chyna Antonio

CJ is an experienced customer service professional who has a passion for music and arts. She enjoys learning new things, and she is an active member of their local arts organizations. CJ is also a proud furmom of a Pom-Lab mix dog named Sheldon and a tuxedo cat named Benjamin.

Therese Pabrua

Therese is a Business Finance Executive working under the Solar Farm Division and B2B Leads.

A Graduate of The University of Santo Tomas, and with ACCA credentials, She has worked overseas where she acquired her excellent skills in Administrative Function, Human Resources Management, Market Research, Data analysis and Financial accounting. She has gained her professional experience in an Oil and Energy company, in an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), and Banking Industry.

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