About Renaissance Power & Gas

Established in 2011, Renaissance Power and Gas is a growing retail energy supply company specializing in electricity and natural gas commodities, with a focus on carbon-neutral energy. Currently serving thousands of residential and small business customers in New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia, we strive to make a difference in the lives of all whom we work with and in each community we serve.

We’re registered as an approved Energy Service Company (ESCO) by the New York State Department of Public Service, by the Public Service Commission of D.C., and by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and by the Massachusetts Public Service Commission. For more information about the New York ESCO program, click here, for more information about electric choice in Washington, D.C., click here, and for more information about choosing an electric supplier in Ohio, click here.

Many Energy Supply Companies have deserved reputations for poor or indifferent customer service. Renaissance, in contrast, has created a dedicated, US-based customers service center to ensure our customers are promptly and adequately serviced. We pride ourselves on first-class, solution-oriented customer care, and we promise we will professionally handle all interactions fairly and honestly. Our products are always competitive and unlike others, we have no hidden charges. We don’t play games with your energy bill. We are the Energy Supply company your can count on to be there and treat you right.

Finally, at Renaissance Power & Gas we put our money where our mouth is by making donations to green causes as a regular part of our business. We are proud sponsors of a variety of organizations, all of which are dedicated to making improvements to our communities and to our natural environment. For more information on the environmental projects we support, click here.

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