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Interested In Switching To Renaissance Power & Gas?

If you live in one of the deregulated* areas listed below, you may be eligible to sign up for natural gas or electricity services with Renaissance. Signing up is free, and it could mean a lower average energy cost for your family or business. Plus, as a Renaissance customer, you will be supporting the various green initiatives that we contribute to as a regular part of our business – initiatives whose aim it is to create real, lasting change in our communities.

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What Is Deregulation?

Deregulation of the energy industry has allowed many Americans the ability to choose their energy provider, resulting in Energy Service Companies (“ESCOs”) competing to serve customers in deregulated markets. This allows individuals and businesses to shop around for the best rates, and can therefore result in potential cost savings for the consumer.

If you select Renaissance as the ESCO of your choice, the utility company will continue to send you a bill every cycle, read your meter, and service any possible power outages. You will still receive just one bill, as always. The only change will be that Renaissance will become the supplier of your energy, as can be seen on the bill you’ll receive from your local utility.